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1 May

22 things to take with you in your suitcase when you travel

Packing is a dilemma for a lot of people. What shall I take? Will it be cold? hot? this one just in case, also that one in case we go to the swimming pool… endless number of things that in the end, only make a lump in the suitcase. In this post, we will help you with your suitcase! Here we present you 22 things you cannot forget when you travel.

1. Personal documentation

Very important! Firstly, you must remember your personal documentation, above all if you travel abroad, the passport. If you forget it, you will realize, because you could not travel, so you better remember it!

2. Money and credit cards

Money is essential, whether you are more spendthrift or less, there will be always something to buy, as a bottle of water at least. Take always cash with you, even if it is always better to pay by credit card, especially if you go to another country in which it is a different currency, do not change at the airport! The fees are much more expensive!

3. Mobile phone

Few people forget this small gadget but we must add it to the list, because you never know. The mobile phone is not only for taking you out of troubles, you could also use it as GPS if you are not a specialist in orientation or a great maps reader.

4. Camera

Although its use is increasingly reduced because of the quality of mobile phones, if you are a photography lover you will not leave your camera at home.

que llevar en la maleta

5. Book, magazine, stereo system or goof films

If you are going to do long journeys, you should never forget your medium of entertainment, but if you like music and films, mind you not to forget your headphones! Because if not… the party is over.

6. Charger + Universal adaptor

Do not forget the chargers of your mobile phone, your camera, your laptop, every electronic device you will take with you, think back! In addition, if you travel abroad, do not forget to take adaptors because if not chargers will be useless.

7. Mask + Earplugs

If you are going to do a long journey… Attention! Do not forget the mask and earplugs, planes are really treacherous and if you want to be strong when you arrive, you will need to sleep. In addition, there is always the possibility that your hotel is, for example, near the most famous pub of the city and earplugs would be a great idea!

8. Health insurance card / Insurance

You must be unlucky to get ill in a trip or something happens and you must go to the doctor, but it is important that you always take with you the health insurance card or medical insurance. Regarding this subject, if you travel to places in which it is required the vaccines, do it, because if not you could experiment a disagreeable situation.

9. First Aid Kit

For long trips to the mountain or to tropical destinations, it is so important to take with you a first aid kit. It is recommended to take it even if you travel to the beach, but that is already a personal issue. The basic things that should be included are the following ones:

  • Medicine. Check with your doctor the medicine you must take with you, above all if you travel to tropical places or destinations with vaccine required because some medicine could give you a negative reaction.
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Gauzes
  • Betadine
  • Plasters
  • Mini sewing kit, who knows what can happen? It takes no place and can save you from a lot of situations, it is essential to put inside thread of different basic colours, needle, thimble, button and safety pins.

10. Mini torch

The mini torch, although you think that it is stillness or you say “I go to the beach, why will I need a torch?” well, it can be useful for a lot of situations. Imagine that you go to Menorca, trip to relax, to go to the beach, boats, coves… and you rent a moto to go around the coves, but one day, you want to drink something in a bar on the beach but when you want to come back, dam! the lights of the moto do not work. In this case, you would have your torch which will gives you light and it could avoid an unnecessary accident, I know, we have given an extreme example but it is to make you understand that there are things which do not take a lot of space in your suitcase but they can be really useful.

11. Lock

If you are going to do long trips, and you must leave your suitcase in a cloakroom, or you go to a camping, the best option is to take with you a lock to secure your luggage, but careful! It is even more important not to lose the key, because if not, you would be lost…

maleta de viaje

12. Toilet Bag

The toilet bar, mostly, for women, it is a dilemma, sometimes, even bigger than the suitcase. Here you must be realistic. The essential things are the following ones:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Solid deodorant, it is true, if you are going to do a long trip, the solid products last longer and surely you could use it more.
  • Shampoo and solid soap
  • Cologne
  • Moisturiser
  • Sun cream, if you go to the mountain or to the snow you will also need it, the sun always burns!
  • Brush
  • Chap stick
  • Menstruation kit / shave kit
  • Mini hairdryer. Above all, if you travel in winter, if you prefer not taking it, make sure that you have this service in the place where you are traveling to.
  • And to conclude, important! Everybody forgets and then you get angry because you do not know where to put it: a bag for dirty clothes!

13. Flip Flop

Very important! For the beach, for the swimming pool, shower and even to stay at home, you know, hotel, hostel, apartment, in general for your home during that time. Flip flop are hygienic and they do not take a lot of space so, put them directly inside your suitcase!

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14. Microfiber Towel

Everybody knows that this towel is perfect for trips, you save space and it dries fast, what more do you need?

15. Handkerchief (Kleenex) + Reusable bottle of water

Do not forget to put always a packet in your bag, your pocket or your rucksack… it can be useful in a lot of situations. Handkerchiefs are actually multifunctional! In addition, the bottle of water is essential. We recommend you to take it, if you do not know if tap water is drinkable or you do not trust, buy a big container of water and you could put water little by little each day in your bottle and take it always with you! Water is essential for trips. If you travel by plane, do not forget to empty it before the security control!

16. Mini umbrella / Foldable raincoat

It is so important to check the weather before travelling and make packing depending on the weather conditions, even though usually the weather changes. If you will make cultural tours, do not risk it and take in your luggage something for rain because if not it could ruin your day.

como hacer una maleta de viaje

17. Sunglasses / Hat / Gloves

These ones are things that we usually forget and they are very important for your trips, if it is hot, do not forget to put the sunglasses and if it is cold, very very important! Hat and gloves to power!

18. Scarf / Foulard

Summer night can betray you, take always something for shoulders or throat, a foulard match very well with everything and it does not take a lot of space.

19. Guide and map

Map is not so important because normally you can get one in the tourism office for free, but the guide is important because it is recommendable to have prepared what you are going to visit or to do in each place, whether in a cultural destination, on the beach or in the mountain… Cities have a lot of things to offer, activities and unique experiences which would make your trip unforgettable.

como hacer una maleta de viaje

20. Foldable bag or Rucksack

This is in case you travel with a big suitcase that you will check in at the airport and if your intention is to buy things in your destination, then you could take it as a handbag.

21. Underwear + Pyjama

Pyjama is in this list because, we do not know why, but we usually leave it and we forget it at home. Take a lot of underwear, but if you are going to do a long trip, think also about washing clothes to wear them again, you must always think about the space!

22. Proper clothing and ¡voilà!

At last, the proper clothing for each destination and done! Enjoy the trip.

We hope that packing will not be a problem anymore and it turns into preparations for your great trip. Enjoy!

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