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cosas que hacer en Madrid gratis

8 things to do in Madrid for free

The Spanish capital offers you a thousand of plans, some of them excessively expensive, other ones with a standard price, a few of them really cheap and even others totally free and as everything that is free in a trip...

Ir de Madrid a Toledo

3 simple ways to get to Toledo from Madrid

Toledo is one of the most beautiful, most historic and cultural cities in Spain. If you travel to Madrid and you can make a day trip to somewhere near, undoubtedly, Toledo is one of the best options. The connections from Madrid...

miradores Madrid

The best viewpoints in Madrid

Who does not like enyoing the best views of the city which is visited? In this post you will discover the best viewpoints in Madrid to enjoy the best panoramic views. Madrid is a big city and there are a lot...

Las 10 mejores tapas de Madrid

The top 10 of tapas in Madrid

Spain don’t stand out only for its culture, its history, its beautiful monuments, its beaches or for the good weather, but also for its gastronomy since it is one of the best ones in world thanks to its variety and...

Las mejores escapadas desde Madrid

The 8 best destinations to make a trip from Madrid

One of the advantages of travelling to the Spanish capital is that there are some cities, villages and wonderful places near that you can visit. Here there are 8 destinations that you could visit easily from Madrid since there are...

como ir a Toledo

How to get to the historical city centre of Toledo

In this post we will show you how to get the historical city centre of Toledo from different places of arrival to Toledo. 1st OPTION : From Bus Station The Bus Station of Toledo is located in Avenida Castilla-La Mancha, to get...