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17 Mar

How to get to the historical city centre of Toledo

In this post we will show you how to get the historical city centre of Toledo from different places of arrival to Toledo.

1st OPTION : From Bus Station

The Bus Station of Toledo is located in Avenida Castilla-La Mancha, to get to the historical city centre, it is highly recommended to go on foot because Toledo is a small city and whose greatest charming is getting lost around its narrow streets of the city but, mind you, prepare your calf muscles because there are a lot of steep slopes in the city!

Depending on the tour you will do during your visit, you could take two different ways. Going up the slope of the parallel street which borders the wall, you could get to the Puerta de Bisagra, one of the most important entrance of the old city. Another option (the best one from our point of view) is going up to Plaza de Zocodover, the main square of the city, from where the most of the guided tours start. La Plaza de Zocodover is a good central place to go all over in an organized way without getting exhausted, it is always better to go up all at once and then go down little by little!

This way (from the station to Zocodover) is easy and fast thanks to the escalators located only two minutes walk from the station. If you prefer taking public transport, you can always take one of the buses which leaves you in Plaza Zocodover (Line 5). Here you have a map of both options.

2nd OPTION: from the Train Station

The Train Station of Toledo is located in Paseo de la Rosa, the main disadvantage of going to Toledo by train is that the station is too far away from the historical city centre, approximately 30 minutes on foot (and you must take into account the slopes of Toledo). If you think that you are not able to go on foot or this day you are in “lazy mood”, you could always take one of the buses which goes to Plaza Zocodover (Lines 5, 5D, 6, 22, 61, 62 and 94).

3rd OPTION: From the free Parking de Safont

This way is similar to that one from the Bus Station. The Parking de Safont is located in front of the Bus Station of Toledo, in the same Avenida Castilla-La Mancha. We recommend you this parking because it is the nearest one and the most accessible to go up to the historical city centre of Toledo. Go in the historical city centre by car is not a good idea… due to the narrowness of the streets, the slopes and the difficulty to park because the oldest part is practically reserved for residents of the zone. It is highly recommended so to go on foot and work out the legs because any way there are too many slopes in Toledo and you must get used as soon as possible!


These ones are the main ways to go to the historical city centre of Toledo from different points of arrival to the city. The fastest and the most comfortable is the way on foot from the Bus Station or the free parking of Safont to the Plaza de Zocodover. That is why if you go from Madrid we recommend you to do it by bus or by car. If you have any question about how to get to Toledo from Madrid, you can see it  este post

But as usual, we have already say it, it does not matter the option you choose, but the only thing we can say to you is that you cannot miss this jewel, Toledo.

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