Frequently Asked Questions

General inquiries

What about Inyoit?

Inyoit is a platform that allows you to know and to enjoy the city to which you travel in the most personalized way possible. You will live unique experiences thanks to the greatest connoisseurs of a city, who are their own inhabitants. You will take with you the best feeling as a dweller and not as a tourist.

What does Inyoit do with my personal data?

The data collected in the forms are for exclusive use to inform the customers of new offers and discounts as well as to send the invoice of the activity that they have contracted through the website In the case of the locals, the data collected are exclusively to know the data of the own activity as well as their own necessary to remain in contact for any problems or doubts that may arise. Also, you can check our privacy policy. 

In which cities is Inyoit available to book an experience?

Currently Inyoit is available in Madrid.

Reservation process

How long in advance can an activity be booked?

The activities are usually closed one day before their start and once someone reserves them, so it is advisable to hire the activities as soon as possible. The only exception is the Inyoit Card, which you can hire it at same the moment. Despite all, each activity has its own reservation policy, so you can consult it in its respective calendar.

Is it possible that you can book or do an experience on a day or time that does not appear on the calendar?

No, the experiences are only performed on the dates and times available on our website. If you want to ask for a special date contact us to see if it would be possible, we will always try to help you.

What payment methods does Inyoit accept?

Inyoit accepts all types of credit cards and payment is made through Stripe, the world’s leading payment platform to ensure the security of all transactions.

Is it possible not to receive the confirmation if I have already paid for the activity?

The confirmation arrives immediately after payment has been made, so one of the reasons why you could not receive confirmation is that the payment might not have been completed. You should go back to the booking and finish the payment process correctly. In case you check that the amount has been charged to your account and you have not received confirmation, check if the email has been written correctly. In this case, contact us and we will help you to figure it out.

Can I book an experience without making the payment through the website and instead paying for it at the destination?

No, all the experiences have to be booked by the website as they go prior booking, except the Inyoit Card that you will be able to contract it at the same moment in the different points of sale that we have available in the city.

How long does it usually take to get an experience confirmation email?

The confirmation email arrives instantly once you have made the payment, if it takes a few minutes to arrive it is probably because of the internet connection.

In which currency would I have to pay my reservations?

Payment for the activities must be made in euros.

Is it possible that once I have book an activity I could change the date of my reservation?

You can change the date of a reservation as long as you respect the cancellation time that appears in the description of the contracted activity. Each activity has its cancellation policy. In case you are on time, you should  contact us as soon as possible.

I was wrong when I wrote my data during the process of booking, can I modify it?

In case you have any problem with your booking details, you should contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you to solve it.

Is the payment safe?

Payment through the Inyoit platform is 100% secure and fully protected against fraud and unauthorized transactions. Inyoit uses as payment method Stripe, the world’s leading platform in this sector.

Can I book my experience at the destination I travel to?

No, the only activity you can buy in the city itself is the Inyoit Card, the other activities you must book them through the website

Is it possible to make a reservation for someone else?

Yes, anyone can book one activity for another, as long as the person who is going to perform the experience carries with him or her either printed or on the mobile phone, the email that Inyoit sends after hiring an experience as the confirmation process.

Activities and experiences

Inyoit ensures a quality of the experiences?

Yes, the Inyoit team verifies that each activitiy keep to an appropriate quality so that it can be offered on the website.

What is the meeting point for each experience?
In the description of the activities appears the approximate meeting point. Once the experience is booked, we will send you in the payment confirmation email the exact location.

How can I offer an experience as a local?

To register your activity you just have to click on this link and fill in the registration form.

How can I offer an experience as a professional?

To offer an experience as a professional you just have to click on this link and fill in the registration form.

How could I know the languages available for the different experiences?

The language or languages available for each experience appear in the description of each activity.

Can I personalize my experience for myself and my companions?

Yes, to customize an experience you just have to contact the Inyoit team through the contact form and explain the customization you want.

Does the price of the route include the entrance to the monuments?

The price includes what is described in each of the experiences.

Is it necessary to show proof of payment to the person responsible for each of the experiences?

The proof of payment is always necessary, you can take it printed or on your mobile phone.


Can I cancel my reservation?

The cancellation period for all activities is 96 hours prior to the start of the experience, so you will have to follow these deadlines. If you want to cancel outside the cancellation period set out in the description and it is because serious problems or justifiable causes, contact us so that we could try to solve it.


What happens if it rains or weather conditions are not good to carry out the book activity?

The different weather situations are not an inconvenience for cancelling any activity. In case it is due to extreme or foreign situations and the experience has to be cancelled, an alternative date for the activity or immediate refund of payment would be offered.

Dates and times

What happens if I am late to the experience I had hired?

The experiences will start at the established time, so your delay involves wasting that time of experience. In case the activity involves a shift of the meeting point, you will have to find the group if you want to join or you will lose your experience.

Are activities available at Christmas time and holidays, or there are no experencies offered due to holidays?

Each experience has a different availability. Check the availability of the calendar experience and book as soon as possible because in high seasons, availability is usually reduced and easily filled.

Comments and opinions

What should I do in order to leave a comment on the experience?

At the end of your activity you will automatically receive an email link and you will be able to leave a public comment in the opinions section of the experience.

I have written an opinion and it does not appear, why?

As soon as we receive your opinion, it will be reviewed and therefore published as soon as possible. If your publication contains any of the following circumstances, Inyoit reserves the right to delete it:

  • Use of abusive, obscene or discriminatory words that can harm the person concerned.
  • The customer, due to an error, has asked to delete his valuation.
  • Contains ads or links to other websites.
  • The assessment does not correspond to the description of the experience, that is, it does not refer to the valued activity.
  • The customer has not really made the experience concerned. 
Are the opinions that appears on the website real and reliable?

All the reviews that appear on the web page of are real and have been written by people who have hired experiences through our website. At the end of the activity you will receive an email so you can evaluate and comment about the contracted experience. The Inyoit team works in the best way possible to make them unique experiences.