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30 Mar

The best viewpoints in Madrid

Who does not like enyoing the best views of the city which is visited? In this post you will discover the best viewpoints in Madrid to enjoy the best panoramic views.

Madrid is a big city and there are a lot of points from where you could contemplate unforgettable views, however there are some of these points that not everybody knows and they are really worth it. You have to pay for the entry to some of them and other ones are free, some of these ones are terraces where you could enjoy a drink and in other ones you could only enjoy the views, breathe and appreciate a beautiful sunset and of course, take pictures.

1.Palacio de Cibeles (Town Hall)

This viewpoint is located on the 8th floor of the building of the town hall of Madrid. You will be until 40 metres high to see an amazing panoramic view of the city centre. In addition to the viewpoint, on the 6th floor you could take a cocktail while you are enjoying the views which this place offers you.

If you want to see the timetable or you have other questions, you can click on this link.

Location: Plaza de Cibeles, 1

Price: 3€

2.Círculo de Bellas artes

The rooftop of Círculo de Bellas Artes is one of our favourite viewpoints. Although the entry is not free, going there is highly recommended because it is worth it. In addition, once there, you can enjoy to drink something with the amazing views, even have lunch, dinner or even have breakfast.

You can check the opening hours on this link, we recommend you to check it before going to not find surprises because it is susceptible to change the opening hours.

Location: Calle Alcalá, 42

Price: 4€

Que ver en Madrid


3. Gourmet Experience Callao (El Corte Inglés)

It is a place dedicated to the gastronomy that is why if you lead up to the ninth floor of El Corte Inglés in Callao, you will not only find one of the most famous of the Spanish capital, El Edificio Carrión sponsored by Schweppes but also you could enjoy good restaurants, delicious food and snacks and in general, all kind of high-quality products. It is opened every day from 10 o’clock to midnight.

Location: Centro Comercial El Corte Inglés, Plaza del Callao, 2

Price: free

Que hacer en Madrid


4.Cúpula de la Catedral de la Almudena

From the dome of this cathedral you can appreciate one of the most peculiar perspectives of Madrid. This one is the panoramic of Madrid with the figure of the 12 apostles and the two bell towers of this cathedral. From the top of the dome, you will have a 360-degree view of the Spanish capital.

Location: Calle de Bailén, 10

Price: going up to the dome + entry to museum = 6€

5.Templo de Debod 

At the end of the Templo de Debod you will find the Montaña de Príncipe Pío, a little and beautiful viewpoint from which you will have an amazing perspective view of the Royal Palace and the Catedral de la Almudena. The views of the sunset from this place with the Templo de Debod are worth seeing and something that you will never forget.

Location: Calle Ferraz, 1

Price: Free

6.Teleférico Madrid

The Spanish capital has a funicular which goes over a distance of 2.457 metres. Approximately in 11 minutes you could see the whole city from the heights as well as 1722,60 hectares of pure nature since you will go above the biggest public park of Madrid, La Casa de Campo. A funny experience, especially for the youngest members of the family.

Location: 2 Estaciones, Paseo del Pintor Rosales, s/n and Calle Cerro Garabitas s/n

Price: 6€ go and back (standard price) If you want to know more about the different rates or timetable of this funicular, you can check it on this link. Make sure that it will be opened because the opening hours can change depending on the weather conditions.

Teleferico Madrid


7.Faro de Moncloa

In 50 seconds, you will be up to enjoy the views from 92 metres high which offer the lighthouse of Moncloa and we can guarantee you that these ones are amazing. This tower was built in 1992 with the aim of lighting tower. Currently, you can see from the heights a large number of monuments, buildings and emblematic streets of Madrid, for example you could see The Royal Palace, La Catedral de la Almudena, la Gran Vía, Las Cuatro Torres or even at the back la Sierra de Guadarrama.

If you want to check the timetable or to get more information about the Faro de Moncloa, you can check it on this link.

Location: Av. De la Memoria, 2

Price: 3€

8.Cerro del Tío Pío

El Cerro del Tío Pío, also known as Parque de las Siete Tetas because of the number of hills of this park. It is located in a neighbourhood called Vallecas and many times it is worth going away from the city centre to appreciate unforgettable panoramic views. Each of this famous hills invite you to see Madrid from a different perspective and that is why it is worth.

This park of hills is perfect to take a tablecloth, to have a picnic and to lie down to enjoy the sunset of Spanish capital.

Location: Calle de Benjamín Palencia, 2

Price: free

We hope you have liked this selection of the best viewpoints of Madrid and you could enjoy the best views of the capital. See you soon!

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