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What are the Inyoit experiences?

Inyoit’s experiences are activities created by local people with great ideas that they are willing to share with the rest of the world. They offer typical and unique activities to make travelers feel the true essence of the place. Inyoit offers the opportunity for anyone to share all that knowledge and passions. Discover it!

Discover your benefits

Discover the amount of benefits it brings you to register an activity in Inyoit. You’ll be surprised!

Tour, Experiencias, actividades y visitas guiadas

Share your passion with the rest of the world

Show everybody what you really love and make them feel like you when you do it. Turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

Make money doing what you are crazy about

What’s better than making money by sharing your passion? Don’t miss the opportunity to make extra money by doing what you’re crazy about.

Tour, Experiencias, actividades y visitas guiadas
Tour, Experiencias, actividades y visitas guiadas

You set the rules

You set the rules of the activity. You establish the price, the schedule, the duration, the available dates and everything you want to your measure.

Promote your activity around the world

Register your activity and the Inyoit team will be in charge of promoting it all over the world, doing their best so that you receive every day new travelers interested in your experience.

Tours, Experiencias, actividades y visitas guiadas
Tour, Experiencias, actividades y visitas guiadas

100% secure payment

Payment through the Inyoit platform is 100% secure and fully protected against fraud and unauthorized transactions. Inyoit uses the Stripe platform as a payment intermediary, one of the world’s leading payment platforms.

Free platform

You will not have to pay anything to register your activity! The platform is totally free, thanks to it you can share your passion with the rest of the world and only worry about transmitting it in the best possible way, about the rest, we take care of it!

Tour, Experiencias, actividades y visitas guiadas

What activity do you want to offer?

Experiencias, tours y actividades
Experiencias, tours y actividades
Experiencias, actividades y tours
Actividades, experiencias y tours
Experiencias, tours y actividades
Experiencias, tours y actividades

What are the steps?

Register your activity

Register the activity you want to offer to the rest of the world

Receive an answer from Inyoit

The Inyoit team will evaluate your activity and contact you

Inyoit verifies the activity

An Inyoit team member will approach to verify your activity

Start receiving customers

You will begin to receive very soon people from all over the world wishing to realize your experience

Frecuently asked questions

Do I have to perform the experiences a minimum of times?

No, you can do your experience as many times as you want and how you want. You are the one who sets the rules so you are who decide when do you want to do your activity, how often and all the details of it. You can set the rhythm and schedule timetables that best come to you.

Can I change the hours of my activity whenever I want?

You set the rules of your activity. You decide the hours and days in which you want to make your experiences. You will have an access to a platform where you will be able to change the details of your activity according to your availability, keep in mind that you must repect the experiences already contracted, you can not cancel a reservation already made.

Do I need to have a license to carry out an activity?

Depending on the activity or activities you want to offer, you may need to have a license to develop it. In the case of offering a cultural route in a heritage city, you need an official guide license to do so, in the case of offering an activity in which you need a public place,  you will need a commercial license and in the case of offering a risky activity, you need to have liability insurance for any incidents that may happen. Check the legislation in the area where you want to offer the activity to know which licenses are necessary. In case of any doubt you can always contact us. We would be glad to help you!

What details of my experience I can decide and establish?
All, we give you the freedom to choose all the details of your experience, so that you feel comfortable with the activity you want to do. At the time you register your activity you just have to follow the steps and fill out the details of your experience as you please, you can set the maximum number of people who can attend by shift, the schedule, the dates available, the duration, the price, the language/s , the suitable ages, what is included in the price and what is out of price…
Do I need an insurance?

In the case of offering a risky activity or an activity in which you want to ensure that if something happens, everything will be under control, you need to have a liability insurance. If you need help with this process, you can contact us and we will offer you the best option regarding to the characteristics of your activity.

How will I receive payment from my clients?

You will receive your income money through bank transfers. At the time you register your activity, you must fill the gap indicating the account number  where you want to receive the income of each activities that you periodically do.

For any other question, do not hesitate to contact us.